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Dissertation: An experimental study of
a hypothesis by Marshal McLuhan
Orientation to Cinema:  The Complete
Guide to Career Planning
The Relativity of Wealth
Are You Sure You Want to be Rich and Famous?
Personality Requirements for Success
The Price of Success
TV and Film Schools
Major Film Schools and How to Get In
What is a "Good" Film?
The Technique of Systems Analysis
Dramaturgical Definitions
Types of Plays
Styles of Production
Elements of Entertainment
The Technique of Script Analysis
Complete Texts of:
Lucifer's Handbook
A Brief Survey of Resurrected Savior Gods
The Absurdity of Eternal Life
The Essential Atheist Lexicon
Origins of Christianity: The True Story
Secrets of Successful Mind Control, or How to Start Your Own Cult
Sex, Sin and Sanity: How Christianity Causes Crime
How the Calendar Got That Way
The Winter Solstice and the Origins of Christmas
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Easter and the Vernal Equinox
History of Halloween
Anatomy of Power
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Can a Theist be a Freethinker?
Adventures in Freethought Publishing
Civil Rights for Artificial Intelligence?
Elements of Humor
Can a Mensan Ever Find Love in a Normal World?
Is "Rap" Music, or Noise?
Why are Christians so Intolerant?
Radio Program Scripts
Christmas Customs
Year of the Bible
The Christmas Story
The Witches of Salem
Academia vs Religion
The Admiral vs. the Constitution
Christian Churches vs. the Lightning Rod
The Day After
The Shroud of Turin
Satirical Poems
Origins of Santa Claus
History of Atheists United
Introduction to "The Godless Girl"
The Nature of Friendship
What's Wrong With Posting the Ten Commandments in Public Schools?
2084 Screenplay
2084 Mini-Series, Part 1
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