Atheism - The Rational Alternative
This is a special stereophonic program that was produced for Atheists United in
1989. It was originally created as a
quadraphonic program and presented to a large
audience in a lecture hall. Later it was mixed down to
two-channel stereo for
broadcast on KPFK. Unfortunately, this was about the time that there was a change in
management at KPFK, which led to cancelling our regular program of Atheist
Commentary, and rejection of this program. Their rationale was that atheist programs
were too highbrow to attract a large audience, so they shifted their programming to
include more Latino commentators and lots of non-controversial ethnic music.

Since this program was produced in 1989, the statements about Atheists United
activities, and contact information, have changed. For current information go to our
website at

This program is two hours long, divided into one hour clips. Please be sure to listen
with two well-spaced loud speakers, or listen on headphones, for the full artistic effect.
In fact there is one sequence that is totally unintelligible without the two-channel
separation, since in depends on the psychological "cocktail party" ability of the brain to
shift attention from one ear to the other.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, when I was still teaching college I had to do my
more serious work under the pseudonym of Lee Carter.

I hope you enjoy the program!
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