Other Literary Works by Milt
This is my doctoral dissertation.  You can click on it to read a
little about the study I did.  The entire book is on file at USC,
and available through University Microfilms.  This is a study of
Marshal McLuhan's theory of "hot" and "cool" media.
Front cover of Lucifer
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cover to read
about the book.
Back cover, enlarged and darkened for easier
reading on computer screens.
Lucifer's Handbook was my second major book.
In 1977 there were no atheist or freethought organizations with their own publishing companies, and all
existing companies turned down this manuscript as "too hot to handle."  So I set up my own publishing
company, called Academic Associates, then hired a commercial printing company to typeset and run off a
thousand copies.  I was a college professor at the time; and not willing to press my luck, I adopted the
pseudonym of Lee Carter.  American Atheists, which was just getting started in Austin, Texas, bought my entire
print run, sold out within a few weeks, and ordered more.  So I made a second print run of 2,000 copies.  
Unfortunately, this was just at the time when Bill Murray disappeared and the business office in Austin was in
turmoil.  I never was paid for all the books I had already delivered.  So I began my own advertising campaign,
sending out  fliers to all university philosophy departments and to all libraries.  I also placed ads in selected
periodicals.  Sales were pretty good for a philosophy book.  Several universities adopted it as a supplementary
text, and anytime I placed an ad in a magazine, that always triggered a few orders.  But I had priced the book
so low that the advertising expense usually exceeded the profits.  The most cost-effective venue turned out to
be the Mensa Bulletin.  It seems there are more atheists in Mensa than any other general population.  Gee, I
wonder why!?

The book has continued to sell through word of mouth advertising, and through the Atheists United book table.
 In the year 2000, however, I closed down Academic Associates and removed the book from circulation, for
now.  I still have a few copies, and if anyone would like to order one, just contact me through this website and
I'll mail you a copy.  It is only $10.00, plus postage and handling.
Front cover of my third major book, published by Academic Associates
in 1988.  We used it in our Cinema Department until my retirement in
1992.  At that time, the introductory classes were cancelled, along with
many others, because they couldn't afford to hire a replacement for me.  
However, other film schools continued to use it until I closed Academic
Associates in 2000.  I decided that much of the book had become
obsolete by that time and I didn't want to update it.  Nevertheless, some
of the sections contain information and advice that remains timeless.  
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The following is a series of booklets which I formerly sold, at cost, through the Atheists United book
table.  Now, however, you are free to download them.