This is a Public Access interview I did with Bart Aikens in 2002. I had recently
published "Everything About the Bible that You Never Had Time to Look Up." So
originally, he was going to interview me about that book. But instead, he became
intrigued with my investigations at the Center for Inquiry. So we then taped a second
interview that focused on the book. Click on the above link to watch that other

Sorry the images can't be larger, but in this Quick Time format, the larger the image,
the more problem there is with keeping the sound and picture in sync. If the picture
freezes up, just click the Pause button to pull it back into sync, then click Play again.

Thirty minutes of video uses up an enormous amount of data, so it may take up to ten
minutes for the page to load, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.
Part One
18 minutes
Part Two
9 minutes
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TV Interview About My Biblical Book