In 1967 I moved back to Los Angeles to begin a
Ph.D. Program at USC.  I found a small penthouse
apartment in an old building in Santa Monica.  The
bedroom had French doors that opened onto the
sun deck and a pull-down bed, neither of which I
needed.  So I sealed them up with bamboo fencing
and draped fish-net over the ceiling.
View from my sun deck.  That's the Santa Monica
pier in the distance.  It was a fairly easy drive up
the Santa Monica freeway to USC, so this was my
home until 1970.
By 1970 I had completed all of my course work at
USC so I was hired by Los Angeles Valley College to
establish a new Cinema Department.  I was given a
recently completed soundstage and a large pile of
new equipment, but I then had to finish the inside of
the building and hook up all the equipment. Here, a
crew shoots a sync sound scene in front of the
Cinema building..
LAVC was very proud of the Cinema
Department, so every year we were featured in
the college catalogue.  Most of these black and
white shots are from the catalogue.  The camera
operator here is David Diano, who later became
a very successful cinematographer in Hollywood.
These shots are from the Valley College Yearbook.  This
editing room is considerably more sophisticated than the one
at Sam Houston State.  The actress popping up from the
battery is Julie Brown, who later starred in her own TV series,
called "Strip Mall."  Her first experience on camera was in this
comedy we made, called "The Last Shock."
I moved from my penthouse in Santa Monica to
a larger apartment in Van Nuys.  I added this
light box of astronomical photographs above
the rock garden and built a geodesic sphere to
place on the boulder instead of a small TV.  
The plastic tube on the right was part of a
fountain I designed.
In 1973 American Cinematographer published this feature article about our Cinema Department.
Continuation of the article
Continuation of the article
Continuation of the article.  We had to hold our classes inside the
sound stage -- sometimes in the middle of a set.  Here, a set is
under construction.
In 1975 I completed my dissertation
and was awarded a Ph.D. in Mass
Communications from USC.
On Christmas Eve, 1975, I married Pamela
Cadorette at my mother's house in Texas.
This is one of several awards we won at student film festivals.  This contest in
Massachusetts awarded a science fiction film, called "Alien," first place for
Another catalog shot.  This is in front of the
door to the studio.