This was the world's first Educational TV station -- long before the creation of PBS
1954: Since my parents had run out of
money to keep me in college, I went on
active duty with the Naval Reserve to get
G.I. Bill
Feature story about KUHT in Life Magazine
Suited up for radio-check flight in
fighter jet
1956: After discharge from active duty,
I returned to U of H and became part of
the KUHT staff
In a play called "Jason," I played the part
of a New York theater critic
In "Is Life Worth Living?" I played the
part of a hot-blooded young Irishman
In "Enemy of the People," I played the
villainous old owner of a factory which
was polluting the town water supply
Here, I'm cameraman for a production of Romeo and
Juliet.  Shooting into this periscopic arrangement of
mirrors creates the illusion of shooting up at the
Editors of the college literary magazine
I drove this Studebaker during my
years at U of H -- while living in a
mobile home.
Since the Studebaker was not heavy enough to
haul this 31-foot trailer through the mountains, I
traded it for my folks' old Buick.  Here they are
in a roadside park in a mountain pass.-- 1958.
I spent over four years sitting at this
desk in my trailer -- first at U of H, then
During the summer of 1959, when
UCLA was closed down, I helped build
KPFK and produced a weekly program
there.  They had no budget for
producers, but they did have one for a
janitor, so they were able to keep my
show on the air by paying me to sweep
the hall and empty the ashtrays
I traded the old Buick and a motor
scooter for this little Nash Metropolitan