Photo Album
House where I grew up: 1933-1951
In character as Tom Sawyer
Publicity shot for Tom Sawyer -- age 13
This is the full cast for the 1946 production of
Tom Sawyer at the Music Hall -- the largest
theater in Houston at that time.
Tom and Huck sing duet
As a high school sophomore I served
as Master of Ceremonies at many
social events.
Receiving awards as Honorary Texas
Rangers from Governor Coke Steven-
son, left.  In the plaid coat is the
producer-director, then the three stars,
Huck, Tom, and Billy Fisher.
Junior Class Officers
Senior Class Officers
My first car: a 1929 Model A Ford
In high school I played saxophone in a dance band.
 Here, I'm taking a break during rehearsal.
This article was on the front page of the Conroe Courier the day after KUHT went on the air.
"Mickey" was my childhood nickname.
A reporter took these shots of the control room, and of me in the
announce booth, as we were about to sign KUHT on the air for the first
time: May 25, 1953.