Front Cover of 2084
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*What will North America look
like by the end of the 21st

*What are the problems facing
our children and grandchildren?

*What solutions are most likely?

*What if there were a solar
flare as large as the one in

*Will the United States still

*What would it be like without
the first amendment to the U.S.

*What would George Orwell
have predicted for the
centennial of his famous novel?

*Join the literary descendants
of Winston Smith and his
girlfriend Julia as they face an
even more ominous type of Big
Brother in this extrapolation of
real science.

Cover painting by Douglas Castleman
Front inside flap

In the year 2084, recent widower
Carlton Smith, an executive with
a robotics company named RUR,
is forced to take his eighteen-
year-old daughter Tori with him
on a cross-country trip in a
souped-up Humvee. If they can't
find out who murdered the chief
engineer for RUR and stole his
prototype computer chip, the
company will be forced into

In their quest, they must survive
extreme weather conditions, as
well as mutants, refugees and
gangsters, as they make their
way between embattled city-

In San Angeles, Carlton is
befriended by the beautiful but
mysterious Julia O'Brian. Is she
really who she claims to be? Or
is she part of the conspiracy to
kill him and destroy the company?
Back inside flap
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