I spent more than 40 years working on Regarding an Angel's Flight.  I wrote the basic plot outline and the
first few scenes while employed as a junior executive  at CBS in Hollywood, shortly after receiving a Master's
Degree from UCLA.  But I soon realized that I needed to do a great deal of research in history, philosophy,
and religion before going any further.  So I set aside the manuscript while establishing a Broadcasting
Department at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.  I taught there for five years, then moved
back to California to earn a Ph.D. from USC.  While writing my dissertation I went to work at Los Angeles
Valley College and created the world's first professional film school at a Community College.  I was chairman
of the Cinema Department at LAVC for 22 years, during which time I wrote two textbooks, while serving as
executive producer to hundreds of student films.  And during all those years I was also doing research for
Angel's Flight.  When I retired in 1992 I was finally able to resume work on Angel, which was finished by 1994.  
But it was too long, so then began the long and painful process of deciding what to cut.
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