In May through June of 2006, I drove an 8,000 mile loop around the Western states, from Los Angeles
to Portland, OR, to Chicago, to St. Louis, down the Mississippi River to Baton Rouge, then west through
San Antonio, Las Vegas, and back to Los Angeles.  This was a location scouting trip for my latest book,
2084 - A Tale of Post America, which is a sci-fi novel about global warming and how it will affect
various parts of the country.  

2084 was published in October of 2008.

2084 was made available as a Kindle download in April of 2009.

2084 was adapted into a screenplay for a four-hour mini-series in July of 2009. Now searching for a

2084 was adapted into a feature-length screenplay in August of 2009. Submitted the book to several
science-fiction contests, and the script to six different screenplay contests.

In Spring of 2010,
Everything About the Bible..., Angel's Flight, and Lucifer's Handbook were all
made available as Kindle downloads. Now
all of my current books are available in electronic form - for a
fraction of the hard-copy price!
Everything About the Bible... is also available in the ePub format, so
it can be downloaded on other e-book formats, such as the Nook, Sony Reader, iPad, etc. You can also
buy it directly from

In May of 2010 I moved to Pasadena, so I now have a new phone and email address.

Nothing much came of the contests, so on March 8, 2011, I posted the screenplay for the feature
version of
2084 on this website. On March 21, 2011, I posted the entire Mini-Series for 2084 on this

In August, 2011, I posted an audiobook version of
Angel's Flight on this website. This was based on an
earlier draft of the manuscript than the one which is now in print. It is considerably longer, with much
more detail, that had to be cut for technical reasons. Some people may enjoy this longer version more
than the printed version.

In September, 2011, I posted a two-hour stereophonic radio program on this website, titled
Atheism -
the Rational Alternative.
Go to Other Works Site Map to listen to it. Be sure to listen in stereo or
parts of it won't be intelligible.

I then posted two videos in which I am being interviewed about my books and CFI investigations.

In October, 2011, I began re-editing and burning onto DVDs all our old
Food for Thought and
Atheists United TV programs.
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